Does your child struggle after returning to school after a break?

As parents, it is difficult to keep a routine during a break, but kids with disabilities (particularly ADHD and Autism) strive for routines and consistency. Transitioning from a holiday weekend or long breaks, like Christmas, can be difficult. Some ideas to help routines include:

* Have you child wake up at around the same time everyday.

* Have lunch at the same time.

* Continue bedtime routines as normal.

* If there are going to be changes to your day, let your child know ahead of time so they can be prepared.

* If you are making vacation plans, include your child in those plans. It makes the transition easier and change seem less scary.

Did you know that your child’s teacher CANNOT tell you that your child must be on meds before they can return to school? They CANNOT tell you that your child needs meds.

Did you know if you see your child seem to “lose skill” after being on extended breaks like Christmas, Thanksgiving or summer time, they may qualify for Extended School Year?

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