Most schools have been in session for at least two weeks at this time. Why is this an important ?

If your child is in the wrong classroom, they can be considered “out of placement” and the school is not following your child’s IEP.  The student can legally be out of placement for up to 10 days, then the school has to offer what is called compensatory services. This means that they have to make up the time that your child has missed on services. 

Students often need schedule changes at the beginning of the school year or semester and Special Education Students may be overlooked in this process. Double check with your child or school today to make sure your child is getting the right services.

For example, if you have a child that is supposed to be in a Co -Teach or Inclusion they should have seen this teacher by now – ask your child who it is; call them. Make sure they also have your child’s IEP.  Since the school also has 10 days to get that information out, they should have that by now also.

Other possible scenarios:

  • Your child is served in a self-contained class  and has “out classes” with support.
  • Your child has Resource Classes (often called pull – out) for ELA/Math only.
  • Inclusion support for Science/Social Studies?

Dyslexia and Intervention services also should have been started by now so that your child does not get further behind.

Many schools may use the excuse that they are understaffed. This does not excuse them from implementing your child’s IEP!

** Side note:  if your child has Inclusion or Co-Teach, the school should be providing a sub if that teacher is out of the classroom.   You always have a right to request documentation that services are being provided.

If you need help talking to your school contact me and I can help!




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