As a parent of two children with Dyslexia we realize how much it has affected our life.  For  years I was a Special Education Teacher. I worked with students with Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbances, Hearing Impairment, Autism and more, but I had little chance to learn about Dyslexia. In Texas, Dyslexia falls under a 504 qualifying condition under the American Disabilities Act – not Special Education. When my own children began to struggle, I knew there was a problem and knew what to do in terms of Special Education. I didn’t understand how to get them into Special Education. I was faced with obstacle after obstacle. My first experience was the school wanting to hold my child back in pre-k, but they didn’t want to do anything with her for intervention. Then, they wanted to hold her back in Kindergarten, but again, no intervention. “She just has an early birthday.” “She needs to mature.” I finally requested Dyslexia testing and found out that there was a disconnect between letters and sounds.  She was referred into a specific program and received extensive phonological instruction.

So, we moved forward.  The second time we encounter dyslexia was with my third daughter. Her first grade teacher told her that “she didn’t have time to make sure that [my child] had time to write down her spelling words” “she needed to be more organized”  This was a child who seemed to be picking up on reading relatively well so I couldn’t understand what the problem was.  She failed every spelling test in 2nd grade before the school conceded to the fact that there might be a problem.   Again, we had her tested and she has one of the worse cases they had seen. To this day, she cannot spell adequately and uses a handheld spell check in 7th grade.

Since then, I have completed extensive research on Dyslexia and the brain and brain functions, signs of Dyslexia, treatments/interventions for Dyslexia and much more.  However, there is nothing like that first encounter with the school when your child starts to struggle.  Even as an educator I experienced push back and I let them push me back.  It was heartbreaking seeing my babies struggle so much – spending HOURS on spelling words and decodable readers. PLEASE contact me if you are seeing signs in your child that you think might be related to Dyslexia!

If you are having any concerns with your child’s reading skills, please contact me.


For more information, visit my website and view the Dyslexia page for signs, symptoms and statistics.


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