Texas law states that seclusion is not allowed. They are, however, allowed to use time-out:

A school employee, volunteer, or independent contractor may use time-out with the following limitations.

(1) Physical force or threat of physical force must not be used when placing a student in time-out.

(2) “may only be used in conjunction with an array of positive behavior intervention strategies and techniques and must be included in the student’s IEP and/or BIP if it is utilized on a recurrent basis to increase or decrease a targeted behavior.”

(3) “must not be implemented in a fashion that precludes the ability of the student to be involved in and progress in the general curriculum and advance appropriately toward attaining the annual goals specified in the student’s IEP.”

Restraint means the use of physical force or a mechanical device to significantly restrict the free movement of all or a portion of the student’s body. A school employee, volunteer, or independent contractor may use restraint only in an emergency and with the following limitations.

(1) Restraint must be limited to the use of such reasonable force as is necessary to address the emergency.
(2) Restraint must be discontinued at the point at which the emergency no longer exists.
(3) Restraint must be implemented in such a way as to protect the health and safety of the student and others.
(4) Restraint must not deprive the student of basic human necessities.”

“Emergency means a situation in which a student’s behavior poses a threat of: (A) imminent, serious physical harm to the student or others; or (B) imminent, serious property destruction.”

Is this being implemented in the best interest of your child and others? Numerous students have died during improper restraints, some going as far and having a person sit on the child until they can’t breathe. Your child is more likely to be restrained at school than be the victim of a shooting.

What are your thoughts?

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