• Section 504 is considered a civil rights law.
  • The purpose of Section 504 is to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination for reason related to their disabilities.
  • Individuals must have a physical or mental impairment.
  • The impairment must limit at least one major life activity
  • Examples included: walking, seeing, speaking, breathing, writing performing math calculations and/or caring for oneself.

For more information on Dyslexia visit TEA’s website: https://tea.texas.gov/academics/dyslexia/
ADHD is a qualifying disability under 504 in Texas.


Accommodations and Modifications.

Accommodations can include things such as calculators, small group instruction and extra time for assignments. It can also include leaving class early for a broken leg. Any child with a disability may receive accommodations and modifications that are not available to nondisabled peers.

The following link from Texas Education Agency helps parents to understand the accommodations and modifications that are allowed on tests:


For more information on Section 504, check out the following website:


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